Online services

Some transactions with government can be completed online, saving you time and money.

Drivers licence

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Motor vehicle licence


Visiting South Africa


  • is a free online process for the submission of tax returns and declarations and other related services.
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For user guides and assistance, you can visit 


  • .
  •   (first register on  and then go to Education > Remark / Recheck)
  • (CACH) helps you find a place for tertiary studies.
  •   (first register on  and then go to Education > Reissue)
  • (first register on  and then go to Education > SACE Professional Registration)


  • Apply for
  • .
  • Employers and jobseekers: .
  • Submit (Ufiling).
  • Compensation Fund: 
    • .
  • Apply for


  • Register on  (Registration of South African Citizens) when you are going abroad.


Postal services and traffic fines

  • The allows you to renew your post box, buy stamps, get information and pay traffic fines online.


  • eCertification (ecert)
  • Register on to export or import wine.
  •  in order to:
    • register a company
    • reserve a name for company registration
    • change a company name
    • search registered and reserved names
    • track transaction status
    • obtain certificates
    • amend company directors
    • amend close corporation members
    • change the financial year for companies
    • do enterprise enquiries
    • register a domain name for your company
    • file company annual returns
    • appoint or change auditors
    • change company addresses
  • Use  (the South African Mineral Resources Administration System) to apply for and view applications, rights and permits in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Act 28 of 2002).


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